Newsletter: July 2021

    1. Revision of Training Guides


    We need YOUR COOPERATION to fill in this survey before the end of July 2021. Your feedback will help on how we can improve the training guides. It is important that the survey is only answered after you had utilised or gone through both the Smallholder and the Group Training Guides. 

    Click the link below to the survey based on the language you prefer. 


    Bahasa Indonesia:





    2. Partnership Agreement

    We would like to bring your attention to the revision of the STA Partnership Agreement. STA has revised its Partnership Agreement with the addition of a few changes while still maintaining the content of the Partnership Agreement. 

    The revised version includes: 

    1. Inclusion of front cover and Table of Content (ToC) pages
    2. Re-arrangement of specific clause on Definitions and Interpretations
    3. Re-arrangement of clauses placement and numbering within the document following main titles as per ToC. Example, clause 17a, b and c and 18 are now under clause 7.4 and 7.5 in the new version. Another example, new insertion of topic 8 Confidentiality which was in the earlier version, but not distinctly separated under a specific topic. Other similar example are insertion of Force Majeure.
    4. New additional clauses are 12 Indemnity, 13 Entire Agreement, 14 Assignment, 16 Law of Agreement and 17 Dispute Resolution (page 17 and 18)


    The Academy Management Team will be in touch with you to assist and answer your queries on the Partnership Agreement. 


    3. Have you completed the Annual Partner Survey?

    The Annual Partner Survey is an important element in the STA portal to allow us to evaluate process improvement, output and outcome. More importantly, this about how effective have STA supports you? We would like to remind and insist our partners to provide responses through the annual survey. Click here to let us know!

    We have also made the Annual Partner Survey available in Bahasa Indonesia. You can click on the link to access to the questionnaire online: 


    4. Training Assessment Template

    Taking our trainers into consideration, STA has crafted pre- and post- assessment forms for all types of training for the Trainers perusal. For trainers who would like to get feedback on their training execution, you can click here to  download  the assessment form and distribute to your participants. Compilation of those data would allow trainers to gain some insights to their training session. 

    Let us help you SHINE! Do share the completed assessment with us by uploading them into this folder


    5. Training Report

    Creating report

    The Smallholder Trainer Academy would also like to remind about the online feature for Trainers to submit training reports in the STA Portal. The page allows you to fill in information on training that has been conducted and also training that is yet to be carried out. You can create a report from this link

    An article will be produced and shared on STA news portal and other RSPO communication media based on the training report! Hence, we would like to encourage our Trainers to upload their training reports on the STA website. You can view recent progress of trainers from organisations here.

    We have created a separate file for the trainers in Indonesia. You can download the document and fill it accordingly, once you are done, you can email it back to The training template in Bahasa Indonesia is attach in this email.




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