How-to series: STA Training Guides for RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard

    Dear all, 

    In this article, the STA Team will be guiding you to utilize the STA Smallholder Guide and STA Group Guide to map against the RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard 2019 (ISH Standard 2019). 

    The STA Training Guides are available in 5 languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Spanish and Thai. 

    The team has developed a guidance for each eligibility and indicator of ISH Standard 2019 that is relevant to the STA Training Guides. Each indicators are linked to appropriate sections and subsections of the STA Smallholder Guide and STA Group Guide. 

    The purpose of this mapping is to provide assistance to groups and individuals that would like to incorporate STA training materials for certification-aimed related training.


    Below are the methods to utilise the mapping well:

    1. Identify the principle, indicator and criteria within the ISH Standard 2019 that you would like focus on. 

    2. Download the mapping document here. Identify the sections within the mapping document based on your selected principle, indicator and criteria within the ISH Standard 2019. 

    3. Determine if your focus group would be targetted towards smallholders or group managers/organisers. 

    4. Refere to the relevant chapters in the STA training guides based on the recommendation from the mapping document. 


    As for now, the mapping against ISH Standard 2019 are only available in English. 


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