Forever Sabah's ToT in 4 different areas within Sabah

    Our partner, Forever Sabah, organised a Training of Trainers (ToT) from 15th to 18th November 2019 in 4 different locations within Sabah. The training was held in Telupid, Tongod, Beluran and Kinabatangan with the focus of training 40 group managers

    Both Smallholder and Group Training Guide was incorporated into the training. The selection of topics included as part of the training were harvesting, weed management, fertiliser selection, peat management and water management from the Smallholder Training Guide while Group Training Guide has a focal area towards sustainable oil palm production. 

    The purpose of the training session was to prepare the smallholder's group manager to subsequently train other smallholders. The trainers noted that smallholders generally require more time to prepare themselves as many of them require more confidence to deliver their knowledge in regards to oil palm management. Forever Sabah trainers continued engaging with the group managers for 1 week after the ToT session conducted. 

    With the dedication from Forever Sabah team, the group managers were able to convey the session using the training guides provided by RSPO Smallholder Training Academy!






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