December: STA featuring Wild Asia


    Wild Asia has been the Academy's partner since August 2019 till to date. The recorded 2020 progress from Wild Asia has been tremendous - the focus of Wild Asia's trainings are all within Sabah with 11 trainings delivered to 310 participants attended. Trainings were not only limited to smallholder farmers but also to their own Wild Asia staff. 

    After spending some time speaking to one of Wild Asia's Master Trainer, Hassan, the Academy was able to gather some insights from the Wild Asia team. It was shared that often times, the biggest hurdle is on deciding suitable time and venue while still needing to consider the availability of the smallholders as many smallholders have farms to tend to. Adding on to the outbreak of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, travels were also suspended to abide to the Movement Control Order imposed by the Malaysian government, hence, trainings were temporarily halted. However, Wild Asia team shared that they are currently back on the ground to train smallholders but with strict protocols in place. They believe that the trainings provided were essential to the smallholders as smallholders' attended have pointed out that they were grateful for the techniques and information shared on better management of their farm.


    The Academy would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas







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