December: STA featuring P&G-MISI

    It is the beginning of December 2020 and we would like to share the remarkable work done by our Master Trainers on guiding the smallholders towards the journey of sustainable farming. We have also managed to speak to a few of our Master Trainers to ask for their experience designing their content to be delivered across the smallholders. 

    As the number of trainings executed are minimised due to the current pandemic outbreak and also the nearing of another holiday celebration, we will be sharing a series of achievements shared by our Partners and Master Trainers over the year. 

    This article will be highlighting the journey of our partner from P&G-MISI. The P&G-MISI team has an impressive record of 23 training all-in-all with 16 training this year alone. 

    The Academy was able to speak to 3 of their Master Trainer - Shidah, Saifullah and Danial - to ask about their journey and experience as a Master Trainer. They shared that there are 5 areas to their training - P&G Smallholder Programme, ISH Standard, Livelihood Initiatives, Traceability & Market Demand. These scopes will all be for a 1 day training with the smallholder farmers as many farmers are not living nearby and farmers do have other commitments during the day. 

    The P&G-MISI team also shared that activities during the training were considered based on the response gathered from the farmers and designs were created with the farmers' abilities to understand in mind. The numbers of farmers attended each training varies as training are organised with the minimum number of farmers able to attend. During the pandemic, P&G-MISI team also had the chance to explore the idea of online training with the farmers; however, they learnt that most farmers faced difficulties on employing the use of technology. The relentless effort by P&G-MISI has paid off with 377 smallholders trained as of September 2020. Thank you P&G-MISI for continuously promoting planting of sustainable palm oil. 







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