September: Training Series with Yayasan Kehati Indonesia

    In 23 May until 3 June 2021, two training had taken place with Yayasan Kehati under the SPOS Indonesia Programme. The training at Mamuju Tengah in West Sulawesi was from 24 to 27 May while the training in Paser, East Kalimantan was held on 31 May until 3 June. 

    Led by STA Master Trainer, Harris Silalahi from De Guru Consulting, along with 5 other STA Master Trainers, the training has attracted 141 smallholders (20 female smallholders) to attend the Smallholder Training.

    The training focus was centred around a few topics such as group formation for the smallholders, environmental, economic and social sustainability and health and safety practices with the aim of the smallholders to have a better comprehension on sustainable approaches. 

    The training was a pivotal element to provide guidance and knowledge to the Indonesia smallholders in the palm oil sector on sustainable practices considering Indonesia is the main producer of palm oil in the world. Through this training, it was noticed that field-based learning methodology allows the smallholders to learn better with a higher knowledge imparted to the smallholders. 


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