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    Academy Training General Information
    GIZ-SCPOPP Thailand
    Training of Trainers (ToT)
    Thitinai Pongpiriyakit
    Training Venue
    Agricultural Occupation Promotion and Development Center
    Surat Thani
    1. Department of Agricultural Extension
    2. Department of Agriculture
    Training Materials and Languages Used
    SH Training Guide (ENG)
    1.1 Benefits of being in a sustainability group1.2 Group membership1.3 Sustainable Palm Oil Market and Certification1.4 SOPs and ICS2.2 Harvesting2.3 IPDM2.4 Weed Management2.5 Fertiliser Selection2.8 Business Plan
    4. Towards Sustainable Oil Palm Production1. Introductions and Goal Setting2. Understanding the Group's Goal: Sustainability, Increasing livelihoods, and engaging with RSPO3. Managing a Group: Responsibilities and Requirements
    1. Before You Get Started2. Planning Your Smallholder Programme6 Designing Training & Knowledge Dissemination
    After the Training: Photos, Reporting, Evaluation, Comments

    1.We developed own Training Curriculum that is called "Thailand Oil Palm Smallholder Academy (TOPSA)" .  We use some STA combine with TOPSA.

    2. Master Trainers Workshop will be organized bi-monthly separated into 3 provinces.

    This is a good example of contextualization of STA guides to Thai training. Photo P7170203.jpg for example captured that their training guide uses STA format.

    Action by STA Team: Highlight this into STA articles to be uploaded in  RSPO comm channels. Target published: Aug/Sept 2020

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